Who do I contact for stockist enquiries? 

If you would like to know more about stocking Paisa at your deli, store or restaurant, please refer to our Stockist page and fill out the supplied form. 

Si desea saber más sobre la media Paisa a su deli , tienda o restaurante , por favor refiérase a nuestra página de contacto y rellene el siguiente formulario suministrado .

Is Paisa gluten free or safe for vegans?

Paisa is proudly gluten free and vegan. Our products contain no colouring, no additives and no preservatives and only use the finest virgin olive oil. All product is packaged by hand in a sterile factory environment, so there's no secret nasties involved. 

Paisa es libre de gluten y veganos. No tiene ninguna coloración falsa , sin aditivos ni preservantes .

Where can I buy Paisa?

You can purchase Paisa on our online store or search for your nearest supplier on our Stocklist page! We currently ship all across Australia and can sustain multiple orders.

Usted puede comprar Paisa en nuestro sitio web o encontrar su distribuidor más cercano en nuestra página de Stocklist . Nuestros barcos de la tienda online Australia de ancho y lleva varios pedidos .

What is Paisa traditionally eaten with?

Paisa is a traditional Aji (pronounced A-hee), a famous Colombian salsa that earns its spot in the pantry with its cross-generational use, fresh ingredients and diversity in application. Delicious, full of flavour, and mouthwatering – the Aji is the perfect introduction for Australians of all backgrounds to eat Colombian. It is traditionally eaten at a family BBQ or gathering, complimenting roast chicken and vegetables, stir fry, bold noodles with fish or rice. Of course, you can team it with sancocho, frijoles, lentils or Colombian style BBQ.

Paisa es perfecto para una barbacoa familiar o reunión , complementando pollo asado y verduras , salteado , fideos en negrilla con pescado o arroz. Equipo con sancocho , frijoles , lentejas o barbacoa estilo colombiano.