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Colombian Salsas

made with love


Paisa is a family-forged dream that has become a reality of heritage, heartiness and great taste. A passion passed on through the love of great food.

From the 1970s, Colombian migrants have enriched the culture of food and family in Australia. Bringing the flavours of their local family gatherings, they continued to trade recipes in the heart of Melbourne to create what has become a simmering Colombian food movement.

Paisa refers to the north-western region of the South American nation, which is the true birth place for this range of delicious salsas, or Aji (said A-he) as they are better known.

Colombian mother, grandmother and matriarch, Gilma Gomez, is the inspiration behind this range. Whilst lovingly feeding her family into adulthood she has shared her passion for iconic Colombian flavours of home with many new friends.

Today the dream becomes a reality - with Gilma's range of salsas now available to your family. 

Paisa's Aji comes in three strengths of heat and brings a very unique flavour to enhance your meats, pastries, soups and stews.


Gracias to our launch partners!

Paisa represents the culmination of the story, the cordiality and cultural integration... a set of sauces that bring the love.
— Blue Studies International, Australia
Muy bueno. Excelente... felicitaciines siempre.
Los mejores acompañantes en mis comidas.
— Customer Review, Facebook
Team this delicious salsa with a fish of your choice and you have a match made in food heaven.
— Southern Ocean Seafoods, Preston
Paisa will spark a revolution and change how we see Colombian food forever. A new era to untouched potentials.
— Department Of The Future, Australia
I put PAISA on everything - literally! Sandwiches, steak, noodles, seafood - the list goes on! So good, I am guilty of not sharing!
— Dee Huynh
I have Paisa with most home cooked meals - everything from poached eggs on sourdough to steak and veg. It adds a spice like no other!

— Jessi, Melbourne

Traditional Colombian Aji in a jar, ready to be delivered.


Paisa, proudly distributed by EuroStore

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